Annual Piers application: To secure a boat slip or dinghy rack space at CAIA for the following year, it's important for all members, including those currently occupying a slip or rack, to complete the annual pier application. This also applies to members on the waiting list, as filling out the application annually is necessary to retain your waitlist position.


Access the annual (24-25) pier application here: CAIA Pier Application Form

New 2025 fees are announced following the February 2025 budget meeting.


Winter slip fee: From December 15, the winter boat slip fee will come into play. For any resident who chooses to remain in a CAIA slip during the winter, per the CAIA Boating rules the winter fee will be due by Jan 1 2025.

CAIA Piers FAQs:

As a Cape Arthur resident interested in boating but without a boat yet, can I join the CAIA slip waitlist?

  • Absolutely, owning a boat is not a requirement to join the waitlist. Just remember to complete the CAIA Pier Application Form each year. This helps us keep our waitlist updated and ensures we know who's still interested. 


I had a Cape Arthur slip last year, do I need to fill out a slip application again? Why?

  • Yes, you need to reapply annually by completing the CAIA Pier Application Form. This process helps us manage slip assignments efficiently, accommodating waitlisted members and ensuring optimal use of slips. Please note from the CAIA Boating rules:
    • Slip assignments run from April 1st of one year to April 1st of the next.
    • Any slip assignment for a CAIA member’s boat must be considered temporary because the slips are community assets and optimum use is the guiding principle for assignments. 
    • The primary aim is optimal CAIA slip usage, considering community needs, safety and potential for damage to the community property (slips & piers). CAIA will  prioritize larger boats (function of length (LOA), beam and draft) in larger slips to maximize income and protect our shared assets. 


I had a slip last year but I have sold that boat and purchased a larger boat. My new boat no longer fits in the slip assigned to me. Can I be assigned a new slip because I previously had one or do I need to go back to the end of the waitlist? 

  • If your new, larger boat fits in your current slip, you can keep your spot. However, if it's too large, safety comes first, and we can't unsafely overstuff slips. In such cases, where a suitable slip isn't available, you'll be placed at the end of the waitlist. 



If I'm not using my slip for a significant part of the year but have paid for it, how can I maintain my priority for future seasons? 

    • If you won’t use your slip for half a season (April-June or July-October), please inform the Piers Chairman.
    • Please note from the CAIA Boating rules: If a slip remains unused for ½ a boating season, either from April-June or July-October, the holder should notify the Piers Chairman. This allows temporary reassignment, preserving the original holder's priority for the next season. This provision cannot be repeated for two consecutive seasons. If you relinquish due to non-use, you'll be placed at the end of the waiting list. Refunds are not available.
  • All slip users are strongly encouraged, If your slip goes unused for ½ of a season please notify and allow the Piers Chairman to place another boat from the waiting list into the slip while you are away. This allows more community members to enjoy the close proximity of the community pier assets. The Piers Chair will connect the slip holder with the member on the waiting list and the two parties can work out dates and arrangements. If there are any concerns please contact the Piers Chair.